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Lincoln is an automaker with a long history of building upscale vehicles for the American market. A division of Ford, Lincoln differentiates its vehicles through additional luxury features, more powerful engines and unique styling. The automaker's lineup includes cars, pickups and SUVs.

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln MKZ Accessories Overview

The MKZ is Lincoln's representative in the entry-level luxury sedan category. As such, this midsize sedan is meant to provide a driving and ownership experience beyond what one can get from a non-premium branded sedan. Highlights of the Lincoln MKZ include a powerful V6 engine, available all-wheel drive and a distinctive, retro-look interior design.

Overall, our editors have been reasonably impressed with the MKZ. With so many manufacturers trying to emulate the success of BMW's sporting 3 Series, the Lincoln MKZ is a refreshing midsize option for consumers interested in a car outside of the norm. It is true, however, that some other competing models are a little more capable or refined. Additionally, the Lincoln brand itself has a tangible lack of prestige after so many years of neglect. Still, most entry-luxury sedan shoppers will find it worth their while to take a closer look.

Lincoln MKZ PartsMechanically, the Lincoln MKZ is very similar to the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, but differs with unique equipment, increased power and a more luxurious look and presence. The MKZ's single trim level is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 263 horsepower and 249 pound-feet of torque. Front-wheel drive is the base setup for the MKZ, but Lincoln offers an all-wheel-drive version for enhanced traction. All models come with a six-speed automatic transmission. Lamentably, the transmission lacks a manual-shift mode that is otherwise quite common for this segment of car.

Exterior styling includes the familial Lincoln waterfall grille and tasteful chrome trim. Body panels are tight fitting, with minimal gaps. The look is stylish and contemporary, with functional and highly visible LED taillamps rounding out the package. The interior stands apart from the crowd, with a decidedly American approach. A high dash line features upright shapes that look like nothing from the European and Asian manufacturers, for better or worse. Interior materials are high in quality and come in either dark or light color schemes. Dash and door panels are adorned with genuine wood and available nickel satin accents.

Typical to the entry-level luxury class, the Lincoln MKZ offers the usual array of luxury Lincoln MKZ accessories such as automatic climate control, a moonroof, Sync voice activation, Bluetooth, keyless start and rear back-up sensors. Options include chrome wheels, an optional surround-sound audio system, a voice-activated navigation system, ventilated seats and back-up sensors.

In reviews, our editors have found that the Lincoln's V6 provides enjoyable power throughout its rev range. Around turns, the car's steering is smooth and linear, and the body rolls slightly but in a progressive, predictable manner that's more than acceptable given the MKZ's relatively plush ride.

The MKZ name debuted in 2007 but Lincoln sold this car in 2006 as the Zephyr. Lincoln has decided to go with a three-letter naming scheme for the MKZ to more closely match other products in its lineup. The 2006 car was powered by a 3.0-liter V6 with 221 hp and 205 lb-ft of torque. This engine is noticeably less refined than the 3.5-liter successor. Additionally, all-wheel drive was not available in that first year. Used-car shoppers might also want to note that pre-'09 cars did not have stability control.

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